Submerged assets are often situated in harsh environments characterised by corrosion or heavy wave action and, like terrestrial structures, require periodic maintenance to ensure reliable performance and prevent degradation. Fremantle Commercial Diving specialises in developing multi-year subsurface maintenance programmes, having implemented schedules for some of the largest organisations in the word.

Typical subsurface maintenance tasks include:

  • General inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Water blasting
  • Anode change-out
  • Dredging
  • Corrosion protection
  • Pile remediation
  • Component change-out

When determining our client's inspection and maintenance needs, we consider a broad range of factors before recommending a course of action. These factors include:

  • Construction material of the asset
  • Length of time since the asset was last assessed
  • Possible wear points on the asset
  • Time constraints for the job
  • Budgetary constraints for the job
  • Possible legislative implications for the task
  • Insurance considerations

Taking these factors into account, we can determine the style of diving, equipment and procedures that will deliver the most efficient use of time. A clear picture of what can then be achieved for the client is formulated and translated into a dive plan to incorporate the most relevant diving techniques, equipment and technology. When the diving has been completed, all data is assimilated and presented to the client in a clear and concise report.

If you are looking to optimise performance and avoid potential downtime by implementing a cost effective, scheduled maintenance plan of your submerged asset, discuss your requirements with Fremantle Commercial Diving.