Marine Monitoring and Survey

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Development and resource projects frequently require the proponent to conduct environmental surveys and/or ongoing monitoring as an integral part of their projects. Fremantle Commercial Diving has in-house experience and capabilities to conduct environmental surveys or ongoing programs for our clients at commercial diving standards.

We maintain an in-house team of experienced marine and environmental scientists with extensive experience coordinating and delivering environmental monitoring programs using both diving and non-diving methods to collect robust data in accordance with client requirements.

In-house experience and capabilities include:

  • Seagrass and macroalgae (abundance and health);
  • Coral (abundance, and health);
  • Fish (identification, and abundance);
  • Invasive Marine Species vessel inspections and monitoring;
  • Marine instrumentation deployment, data collection and instrumentation maintenance (water quality and physical parameters such as light, turbidity)
  • Water sampling (water chemistry parameters including nutrients or phytoplankton); and
  • Sediment sampling (particle size, or chemistry).

Quality assurance and control starts in-water at the time of data collection as our divers used for environmental work are either:

  • Trained in-house for the specific scope of work by our environmental team; or
  • If required, tertiary qualified scientists with marine environmental experience.

We understand the importance of effective management of environmental samples, specimens or data throughout the project phases and have established practices in ensure integrity.  We work closely with a number of accredited laboratories for identification and/or analysis of specimens/samples based on the project requirements.

When advanced scientific data interpretation and reporting is required, we have long-standing relationships with a number of environmental companies and technical experts experienced and recognised throughout the marine science industry for their specialist knowledge and understanding of the marine ecosystem.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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