Marine Biosecurity

Marine Biosecurity

Marine pests and diseases have the potential for devastating negative effects on the local aquatic environment, as well as impact economies and lifestyle if introduced to local waters.  Marine pests or introduced marine species (IMS) can be introduced through a number of vessel pathways including ballast water exchange or marine growth or 'biofouling' on vessels.

Effective management of biofouling on vessels will:

  • Reduce the risk of invasive marine species; and
  • Improve vessel performance through the reduction of drag, and therefore fuel consumption and costs.

International, National and Local regulators have developed management policies, guidelines and tools aimed at reducing the risk of IMS. 

Western Australian legislative requirements and the Regulatory framework:

  • Puts an onus on all vessel owners/operators to manage the risk of IMS on their vessels;
  • Details a Noxious species list and a Prevention List for IMS management; and
  • Establishes additional requirements for marine biosecurity management practices on developments or resource projects.

Fremantle Commercial Diving can assist you to manage your vessels and meet legislative requirements by:

  • Working with you to developing vessel management practices to reduce the risk of biofouling appropriate to your vessels and business;
  • Complete a risk assessment on the vessel(s) prior to inter or intra state movements;
  • Conduct vessel inspections (UWILD and dry dock) for IMS using qualified and experienced marine scientists to the required standard; and
  • Design, implement and conduct Marine Monitoring Programs for IMS in accordance with the National System for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pest Incursions.

We have established relationships with other IMS Inspectors and frequently provide them support to conduct UWILD IMS inspections, or complete IMS surveys of built-up or natural areas.

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