Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Fremantle Commercial Diving provides field based diving and marine environmental support services to a number of clients conducting environmental inspection or surveys using both diving and non-diving methods.

We can provide:

  • High quality, certified diving equipment to AS 2299.1; 
  • Custom built dive support or general purpose vessels and crew;
  • ADAS qualified dive team with options for tertiary qualified and experienced scientific divers;
  • High Definition videography and photography inspection equipment;
  • Remote sediment and water sampling equipment;
  • Remote sensing equipment; and
  • Project management services to deliver environmental scopes.

We have in-house expertise in delivering field services for environmental monitoring and survey programs, where our experience and capability includes:

  • Diving and non-diving methods;
  • Benthic flora and fauna survey and monitoring (including seagrass, macroalgae, coral and fish);
  • Marine Biosecurity services including vessel inspection or survey;
  • Intertidal and subtidal benthic sampling methods;
  • Deployment of subsea instruments for maintenance and data collection; and
  • Videography and photography survey methods.

Delivery of quality services stems from thorough planning and execution by experienced personnel to implement effective solutions in the following key areas:

  • Project and Field Management: scope appropriate dedicated project managers and/or site supervisors experienced in delivery of environmental projects;
  • Management Systems: compliant, safe and environmentally responsible diving operations resulting in delivery of high quality data to our clients is evident across all aspects of our business and backed by our ISO 9001: 2008 accredited quality management system;
  • Procedures: project and scope specific procedures as required are developed, reviewed, implemented and checked across each project; and
  • Training: can include targeted and specific courses or internal training programs custom-designed to meet project requirements.

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